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Northern Pines Services

We offer many services but where do you start?

Helping people is why exist.
Please call us - (320)639-2025
We can offer specific suggestions suited to you after listening to what you want.  

Below is a list of plain language starters to help you.
Don't worry about all the acronyms and fancy titles - they're there if you want them
but we'll try to demystify this process a little more.

We include this information in the descriptions below for each service we offer.

  • FOR - Adults, Family, Children, Adolescents, Couples, Group

  • SEVERITY - Support, Serious, Severe, Crisis

  • NEED - Drugs / Alcohol, Suicide, Mental health difficulties, Depression, Isolation, Change

  • WHERE - In-home, In-Clinic, In-School, In-Community location, Telehealth

  • TREATMENT TYPE - Person-centered, clinical treatment, Peer Counsellor, Practitioner

  • STAFF - Therapist, Peer support, Psychiatrist, Practitioner, RN, Team of Clinicians

  • GOAL - Ongoing, Support, Skills Utilization, Crisis, Rehabilitation, Recovery, Stability

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What this is and what this isn't

It isn't a service exactly.
It's more an overriding part of our services.

CCBHC is a care plan that provides a full range of mental health and substance use disorder services to individuals with complex needs. 

Typically, a person with mental illness must go through
several different agencies to receive all of these services,
which can be over complicated.

In contrast, each CCBHC clinic is an all-in-one provider
of an array of services to individuals in need of care.
*It should be noted that we have a variety of methods to offer help and not every one of our services is a CCBHC, but most are.

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC)

Think of it as an all in one service - a total package care plan.

Adult In-Community Services