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Child & Family Services

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Child & Family Sevices

Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management (CM-TCM)


Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management (CM-TCM) provides services to children with a severe emotional disturbance. CM-TCM works with children and families to access resources such as mental and physical health care, social, educational, and vocational services.

In-Home & School Based Mental Health Services

Children’s Therapeutic Support Services are counseling services offered in the school, home and community setting. The program provides a safe, convenient, and nurturing environment where the child and family can examine their difficulties, learn to recognize and utilize effective skills, and make corrective changes. The goal is optimum family functioning to prevent out of home placement.

A Mental Health Behavioral Aide (MHBA) is a para-professional member of the CTSS team that provides support for children with mental health and behavioral challenges. Working under the clinical supervision of mental health professionals, an MHBA provides therapeutic and rehabilitative levels of intervention for emotional disturbances that interfere with a child’s ability to function independently.

MHBA services help to increase the child/youth’s social and community competencies by building or reinforcing inter-personal skills such as communication, conflict resolution, anger management, coping and self-control that will assist the child/youth in living successfully at home and in the community.

Youth-ACT / IRMHS provides intensive rehabilitative mental health service for youth ages 14-21 suffering from serious mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders, who need assistance (due to the severity of their symptoms) with coordinating mental health, school, employer, housing, family, and physical health services. Y-ACT features an integrated, intensive team approach to rehabilitation and recovery.


Core Team Members:

• Licensed Mental Health Professional

• Psychiatric Provider

• Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

• Certified Peer Specialist

• Mental Health Practitioner

Optimal outcomes may:

• Relieve conditions leading to emotional disturbance and improve the personal well-being of the child

• Improve family functioning

• Enhance daily living skills

• Improve functioning in education and recreation settings

• Improve interpersonal and family relationships

• Assist a recipient in obtaining needed services

Interventions focus on:

• Anger control

• Problem solving

• Decision making

• Self-esteem

• Independent living

• Conflict resolution

• Communication

• Stress reduction


Services Provided:

• Diagnostic Assessment

• Therapy

• Individual

• Family

• Group

• Skills

• Crisis Assistance

During the course of treatment, an MHBA may:

• Provide cues or prompts in skill-building peer-to-peer or parent-child interactions so that the child progressively recognizes and responds to the cues independently

• Perform as a practice partner or role-play partner

• Reinforce the child’s accomplishments

• Generalize skill-building activities in the child’s multiple natural settings

• Intervene as necessary to redirect the child’s target behavior and to de-escalate behavior that puts the child or other person at risk of injury

• Serve as a positive role model for the child/youth

• Assist the child/youth to engage in, or remain engaged in, appropriate activities

• Help to minimize the child/youth’s impulsive behavior

Y-ACT targets youths who have a functional impairment and a history of difficulty working safely & successfully in school, work, the community, or home; or who are likely to need adult mental health services in the next two years.


Services Provided:

• Care Coordination

(Collaboration with Medical Providers)

• Vocational Services

• Transition Services

• Psychiatric Services/Consultation

• Housing Access Services

• Educational Services

• 24/7 Crisis Services Access

• Community Base Services

(In-Home, In-community, In-school)

• Mental Health Services

• "Psycho Education"

(Diagnoses & Symptoms Explained)

• Integrated wrap-around services

(All services under one program)


Children’s Therapeutic Support Services (CTSS)

Mental Health Behavioral Aide (MHBA)

IRMHS / Youth Assertive Community Treatment (Y-ACT)

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