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Blue Skies


We have a focus on mental wellbeing and let's face it - what areas in our lives does that not touch? We are here to host your event and bring you as all-inclusive an experience as you want.

Look through our list below to see what we can do for you.





Much of the Corporate events take place in our Red Cedar Lodge which has the conference meeting room with attached kitchen as well as breakout meeting areas for smaller one on one conversations.


The Dining Hall Building hosts a commercial kitchen and dining area with booths and bench tables. This large space is good for many other uses including meetings and training. At the entrance there is a large fireplace waiting area where chairs are set for relaxing or good discussions. The side area of the entrance has more tables and chairs for smaller groups to eat or work from, At the opposite end of the entrance is the gift shop.


We have a number of other outbuildings where workshops take place for good sized groups.


We have a number of locations on the Island where various types of gatherings and events take place. There are Campfire areas, a large outdoor amphitheatre where weddings have taken place, tiered terraces with large rocks or other bench seat areas from which to hold meetings of different types.

Paddle Club, Arts & Crafts Clubs, Men's Sobriety




Which option is best for you and your group? Sometimes it's hard to tell from photos and descriptions. We recommend that if piqued by what you see here, you come out for a tour and visit the space so we can customize your ideas to suit your event thus making it better than great!

*Book 20 or more people and you get full use of the entire island!


Call Deb to discuss the details of your event.

Option 2

The Dining Hall Building
Outdoor Dining Area.jpg

The Dining Hall

Our Dining Hall is where our commercial kitchen is. We have a grand entry and sitting area with a stately fireplace to invoke good discussion. We have several dining areas from open to more private. We have an outdoor dining area for spring and summer months. On the opposite side is our gift shop with clothing options to remember your time here.

Dining Room Main Entry Fireplace.jpg

Main Entry Dining Hall

Dining Room Entry1.jpg

Dining Hall Entry - Fireplace Chat

Dining Room Entry2.jpg

Dining Hall Entry - Tables & Chairs

Dining Hall4.jpg

Dining & Conference Room

Dining Hall2.jpg

Dining & Conference Room

Lunch area Conference.jpg

Training Conference

Option 1

Held at Red Cedar Lodge
Main Lodge1.jpg

Corporate Events


Center section of the Red Cedar Lodge has entry foyer, kitchen, conference room. To each side are the Bedrooms each having a twin bed and two bunk beds as well as a private bathroom with two sinks.

Main Lodge Inside1.jpg

Breakout rooms for smaller conversations

Conference room Red Cedar Lodge_2.jpg

Corporate Teambuilding Events

Main Lodge Entry1.jpg

Entry and Welcome Foyer

Conference room Red Cedar Lodge_1.jpg

Corporate Training Events

Snowshoeing 2.jpg

Corporate Rejuvenation Events

Chef Estelle Cole.jpg

Corporate Appreciation Events

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