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Adult In-Community Services

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Adult Community Based Services

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)


ARMHS is a set of services developed to bring restorative, recovery-oriented interventions directly to individuals in their homes or elsewhere in the community. The goal is to enable the individual to develop and enhance psychiatric stability, 

social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, independent living and community skills.


ACT is an intensive, comprehensive, non-residential, rehabilitative mental health service that utilizes a total team approach. It is designed for people who have a serious and persistent mental illness and are in need of intensive mental health services. Services may be provided in any home or community setting by multidisciplinary, qualified staff who have the capacity to provide most mental health services necessary to meet the person’s needs.

Certified Peer Specialist Services (CPSS) services are recovery oriented, self-directed and person-centered.


A CPSS uses a nonclinical (relational) approach that helps recipients discover their strengths and develop their own unique recovery goals.

Targeted Case Management Services 


The purpose of TCM (Targeted Case Management) is to help adults with a serious and persistent mental illness in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, vocational, and other necessary services as they relate to the client’s mental health needs. Northern Pines also offers RN’s as Case Managers to enhance care delivery for those clients with complicated or unstable medical conditions.

ARMHS may also enhance:

• Knowledge about mental health symptoms

• Accessing needed mental health services and community resources

• Communication / interpersonal skills

• Finding and maintaining housing

• Developing healthy lifestyle skills

• Household management skills

• Maintaining a budget for personal finances

• Transitioning into community living

• Accessing the community with confidence

• Anger and stress management

 ACT Rehabilitation and Support Services may include any or all of the following:

• Daily Activities

• Relationships

• Family Life

• Financial Management

• Primary Health

• Community Living Skills

• Employment

• Substance Use Recovery

• Medication Support

• Social and Interaction Skills

• Housing

The CPSS models wellness, personal responsibility, self-advocacy and hopefulness through appropriate sharing of his or her personal recovery story.

There are four service components to TCM services that Case Managers provide to their clients:

1. Assessment

2. Planning

3. Referral and linkage

4. Monitoring and coordination


Case Management Services:

• Are generally performed in the home

• Are provided once or twice monthly based upon need

• Involve extensive phone coordination between providers and resources

• Provide services based on an individually developed Functional Assessment and Treatment Plan


Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Certified Peer Specialist Services (CPSS)

Case Management Services (TCM)

Northern Pines ACT Team
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