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About Us

Northern Pines Mental Health Center is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) serving the counties of Aitkin, Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena.

As a safety net provider we are dedicated to coordinating integrated

substance use disorder, mental health and physical health services

to meet the needs of our community members.

Northern Pines is a private, non-profit agency. As an essential community provider we utilize many different payer sources including, private insurance, Medical Assistance, Medicare, grants, community funds, veterans’ benefits and individualized payment plans.


Good health is a continuing process
We are the tortoise, not the hare.

Our Mission

Northern Pines is an integrated system of services committed to individuals, families, and communities. We are dedicated to providing appropriate clinical mental health care along with preventative, educational, and supportive programs throughout Central Minnesota.

Our Vision

Enhancing Lives

A positive and productive shaping of the ways we view the daily things of life.

Restoring Hope

With repeated little wins you begin to see your belief that things will get better increases.


Recovery is possible and attainable and is our ultimate goal to share in your successes.

Health Maintenance

Like regular physical checkups, mental health is equally as important.


Find the abilities within you to bring greater comfort and happiness to your every day.

Our Director

Laura Vaughn is our Executive Director. We can start by mentioning her competence at running this agency, and that is certain. However it also includes finding, overseeing the purchase of, and vision casting future uses for our 60 acre Island! But we think there is something else of importance to mention. We sincerely hope you have had the chance to speak with her because you will come away better for it. Her level of person centered care in regular conversation is immediately evident. The result of her demeanor filters throughout the company. We have many examples of our professionals seeking other big opportunities, with a great number of them coming back even years later. Laura is proud of this and so are we all.

We love our Board! Made up of some of the best minds and experience in our community, they serve to guide, suggest, and govern all of the best interests of Northern Pines. This allows us to expand our ability to serve our community well.

Our Incredible Staff of Qualified Care Professionals 

Saying that we care means little if we don't show that in the way we assist those in need.

Words must match actions.

There is a philosophy of caring in place here at Northern Pines which is a shared experience among our qualified care professionals. It is a calling and a purpose for us.

We want to make lives better - and that includes our own by fulfilling this purpose.

"Make the world a better place" starts with each individual.


99% Agree

My mental health provider has encouraged me in reaching my treatment goals.

98% Agree

My sessions have helped me be more successful at managing my mental health symptoms.

97% Agree

I feel heard and respected by my provider.

2018 Northern Pines Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Historic 1964 Open House

Two ladies from Brainerd at the open house of Dr. C. J. Bozzi, the psychiatrist at the Northern Pines Mental Health Center. The center was moved to new quarters over the First National Bank building in Little Falls.

The two girls shown are Joan, left, and Janet McLaughlin, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Gene McLaughlin, Brainerd.


Our Board of Directors

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