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Bay Lake Island
Retreat Center

We have an Island!


We thought it was a great way to focus and relax at the same time.

Our purpose is to provide a setting that is fun and comfortable
allowing for the peace to be apparent. 

It's an introspective time, even when talking with others.

It's building memorable moments -

like the warmth, smell, crackle and colors of a great campfire;

like the first minute in bed after a tiring day;

like sitting in a hammock instead of a hard wooden chair.

And Bay Island Retreat Center is even better
because it's about the happiness of YOU!


We're Thinking Big!

What goes on here>

Conferences | Seminars | Meet and Greets | Life Improving Events | Multi-Day Retreats

Nature Walks on/off Walkways | Baseball games | Campfires | Great Talking Spots |

Outdoor Spiritual Services | Yurts and Tipis | Native American Ceremonies |

Maple Syrup Making | Seasonal Mushroom Harvesting | Outdoor Woodfire Pizza Oven | 

Cooking Events in our Full Commercial Kitchen | | Kids arts and Crafts | Many Kids Games | Boating Excursions |  Self-Discovery | Practice At Getting Back To Happy!

Staff at this location

Bay Lake Island Retreat Staff >    

Donations are appreciated

Help make the Island someting truly special!


Staff Bios

Meet our Chef

Estelle Cole


Born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised on Cape Cod, I was surrounded with beauty, beaches and incredible food. As an adult, I was able to harness this beauty and creativity into my life's passion - cooking and serving delicious meals. I had some wonderful mentors that taught me how to make tasty home-cooked meals. I was a Religious Sister in a Benedictine Community for 32 years and had many experiences - spending time cooking, living and learning at our mission house in Tuscany, singing and traveling with a world-class choir, and working in our publishing house as well as being the Chef for our Retreat Center and Guest House. My life was steeped in life skills, dedication, commitment, hard-work, and creativity (and fun!) Hospitality is at the core of who I am and how I seek to serve.

My hobbies include vegetable gardening, crafting, sewing, and animal and nature loving. 

I look forward to serving on the Bay Lake Staff this summer and share my love and passion for great tasting food with you.


tangled anchor.png

Tangled Anchor - An event for Women Entrepreneurs

May 18, 2023

Strategy workshops, connection time, lunch and guided wilderness hike.  Please see their website for more information and how to register!

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Island Open House - Please come see!

June 30, 2023  3pm - 7pm

Thinking of booking the island for your next event? Come and tour!

Shuttles available, meet the staff, ask questions, and sample some of Chef Estelle’s baking!

Bold Girls Camp.jpg

Girls are Bold!

June 23-25, 2023  

For girls 5th-12th Grade-  Please see their website for more information and how to register! 

In Memory of John Rudeen.png

Good Eats, Songs, Memories

June 3, 2023  

A celebration in memory of this island's 1976 Bay Lake Camp Manager John Rudeen.

Sunrise over Mountains

Ayllu-Connection with the Living World of Energy

July 13-16, 2023  

Excited to welcome International Master Teacher & Healer T’ito Q’osñipa Kuntur

Please see their website for more information and how to register!

The Naming Project logo.jpg

The Naming Project

July 23-28, 2023  

For 13-18 year-olds or those who have completed 7th-12th grades who are of any sexual orientation or gender identity or expression to further understand their own spiritual journeys with other teen campers.  Please see their website for more information and how to register!

Laurel Leaf logo.png

Laurel Leaf Yoga and Retreats

August 18-20, 2023  

Adult Self-Care Summer Camp!

Please see website for more information and how to register!