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Bay Lake Island
Retreat Center

We have an Island!


We thought it was a great way to focus and relax at the same time.

We have 60 ACRES to think about new ways to provide peace, comfort and a healthy mindset to everyday things. 

Our purpose is to provide a setting that is fun and comfortable
allowing for the peace to be apparent. 

It's an introspective time, even when talking with others.

It's building memorable moments -

like the warmth, smell, crackle and colors of a great campfire;

like the first minute in bed after a tiring day;

like sitting in a hammock instead of a hard wooden chair.

And Bay Island Retreat Center is even better
because it's about the happiness of YOU!


We're Thinking Big!

What goes on here>

Conferences | Seminars | Staff Training and Development | Multi-Day Retreats

Nature Walks on/off Walkways | Team Building Events | Campfires | Great Talking Spots |

Kayaking / Canoeing | Native American Ceremonies | Yoga/Wellness events | Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing | Outdoor Woodfire Pizza Oven | 

Cooking Events in our Full Commercial Kitchen | Kids arts and Crafts | Many Kids Games | Sunset Cruises |  Self-Discovery | Practice At Getting Back To Happy!

Booking for your event?
Questions about what kind of events we can host?
Contact Deb Watson in the way you prefer:
(715) 371-0287

ACA Accredited 
The ACA is the only national accrediting body for camps of all types. 
The Accreditation standards focus on health, safety, and risk management,
and are used as benchmarks by government entities.
It helps show our commitment to the well-being of those coming to our island.  

People leave refreshed, rejuvenated and full of great new experiences.
Come out for a tour and see for yourself.
We want you to love it here!

16257 Brighton Point Road

Deerwood, MN 56444

(218) 678-2271

Webcam Island.png

Access live webcam to check the weather at the Island

Bay Lake, Minnesota Webcam - Live Beach Cam


If you would like to book the outdoor amphitheater area, call or use the Booking form above. 

Please use this form to inquire about availability. 


16257 Brighton Point Road

Deerwood, MN 56444

(218) 678-2271

Meet our Chef

Chef Estelle Cole.jpg

Estelle Cole


Born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised on Cape Cod, I was surrounded with beauty, beaches and incredible food. As an adult, I was able to harness this beauty and creativity into my life's passion - cooking and serving delicious meals. I had some wonderful mentors that taught me how to make tasty home-cooked meals. I was a Religious Sister in a Benedictine Community for 32 years and had many experiences - spending time cooking, living and learning at our mission house in Tuscany, singing and traveling with a world-class choir, and working in our publishing house as well as being the Chef for our Retreat Center and Guest House. My life was steeped in life skills, dedication, commitment, hard-work, and creativity (and fun!) Hospitality is at the core of who I am and how I seek to serve.

My hobbies include vegetable gardening, crafting, sewing, and animal and nature loving. 

I look forward to serving on the Bay Lake Staff this summer and share my love and passion for great tasting food with you.

Meet our Island Director

Deb Watson Pizza oven.jpg

Deb Watson


Deb handles it all here on the Island! Any questions for bookings go to her.

She and her pup Page are residents and caretakers of all that goes on. Both are the personality you feel good about while on site. 

She wants your experience to be as good and memorable as possible - even potentially life changing to any degree. We are after all in the healthy mindspace business being a part of Northern Pines Mental Health Center.

Call or email me about anything Bay Lake Retreat Center related.

Photos from the Island

Church Shore2.jpg

Lakeside  Amphitheatre

Yurt Area2.jpg

Yurt and Tipi Grounds (proposed)

Baseball Field1.jpg

Baseball field (with Backstops)

Fire Pit Shore1.jpg

Firepit area

Yurt Area dock1.jpg

Dock and shoreline of Yurt and Tipi area

Baseball Field3.jpg

Baseball field

Donations are appreciated

Help make the Island someting truly special!

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