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Substance Use Disorder Services

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Outpatient Substance Use Disorder &
Co-Occurring Treatment Programs and Assessments

Substance Use Disorder Services are designed to provide group and individualized outpatient treatment to adult and adolescent males and females ages 13+ who are challenged by substance use and /or co-occurring disorders (mental illness and substance abuse). Research strongly indicates that full recovery consists of treatment for all issues concurrently. Open communication is encouraged between clients, counselors, and family members to identify issues and promote healing.  Family education days are offered in both the adult and adolescent treatment program every six weeks.

Adult Outpatient Program

Adult Outpatient Program

Brainerd, Little Falls, Wadena.

The adult program is offered to adults who are struggling with substance use issues and/or co-occurring disorders.



We offer substance use assessments for youth ages 13-17.

Substance Use Assessments

Formerly Rule 25s

This test is used  to determine the appropriate level of care.

Northern Pines performs Substance Use Assessments to identify substance use concerns and diagnosis.

Adolescent Outpatiet Program
Substance Use Assessments

Adolescent Outpatient Program

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