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Shawna Fimon

Systems Administrator


General and Administrative


Brainerd Maple St.

Credentials: BSW

Office or Location: Brainerd Maple Street

Hire Year: 2017


I love working with staff to better enable them to do the best work possible with their clients. I pride myself on making our systems as user friendly and up to date as they possibly can be.


About being at Northern Pines:

I love the flexibility that Northern Pines provides; I am able to put my family first while still being a valued staff member. I love the ability we have to grow in the agency; when I started working here I was also able to hold an internal internship in order to finish my degree, and have advanced to my current position. For me this isn’t just a job, but a career that I look forward to nurturing.


Anything else (likes or hobbies: When I am not working, I enjoy camping and fishing with my husband and our kids. I love reading, quilting, and doing puzzles when I can find the time!






Shawna Fimon
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