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Stephanie Silgjord


Stephanie Silgjord


School Admin


Little Falls Admin

Credentials: MSW, LICSW

Office or Location: Varied

Hire Year: 2010-2016, 2017-present. Director since 2018.


Trained in: TF-CBT, EMDR, B-6, CBITS, DBT


I work with clients ages: 0-21.

I like making connections with clients and community members. Supporting and advocating for others in an effort to aide in improved functioning, health, and well-being. Within leadership, I feel humbled and grateful to be a part of a team who cares so deeply for the client population in which they serve. It is amazing to see the drive and passion of others that affects overall growth and change.



At Northern Pines I like the flexibility in honoring family and personal need.

Likes or hobbies: Family time! Reading and spending time outdoors.




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