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Julia Davick

Mental Health Professional

Julia Davick


Pillager Schools


Pillager School

Credentials: MA, LPCC

Office or Location: Pillager School/ Supervisor for Todd County+Pillager school-based staff

Hire Year: 2015


Trained in: TF-CBT


Works with clients ages: 6-18 (but sassy teenagers are my favorite!)

What I like best about my job is working with a wide range of kiddos, and getting to hear their stories.  I love being able to create a safe place for others to feel vulnerable, and truly see the best in people even when they can’t see it through their current struggle. 

I love my team at Northern Pines! I truly enjoy the people I get to work with, and know that we have each other’s’ backs. 


Likes or hobbies: I love hanging out with my husband and 3 energetic little boys! We enjoy traveling as a family & I love watching my boys play hockey.  Some of my favorite things include; yoga, coffee, walking my dog, chew sprees, road trips, holding babies, and going to quilt camp!








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