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Andrea Schilling

Mental Health Practitioner | Site Coordinator

Andrea Schilling


School Admin


School Admin Little Falls Admin

Credentials: LSW            

Office or Location: Swanville and Upsala schools

Hire Year: 2018


Works with clients ages: Since both schools are combined elementary, middle and high school, I get to work with ages ranging from 6-18.

I love the age range of clients that I work with and that I can bring creativity into sessions!  The cozy “small town feel” of both schools feels like home. 


What do you like about being at Northern Pines?

I love the flexibility, and that I can make my own schedule!


Likes or hobbies:

In my free time I love hanging out with my husband and 2 daughters, spending time with extended family and friends, event decorating, traveling, playing games and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors.




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