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Alyssa Gerhartz

Mental Health Practitioner | Site Coordinator

Alyssa Gerhartz


Royalton Schools


Royalton Elementary

Credentials: LSW

Office or Location: Royalton Elementary and Early Childhood

Hire Year: 2018


Works with clients ages: Early Childhood (preschool) to fifth grade.

I love working with kids and their families as the kids are so resilient and can bounce back strongly from anything they might be struggling with. Kids have a huge heart that goes a long way and there is never a dull moment. I love seeing the smile of child who realizes they are able to do a skill on their own or come back showing me they were able to use a skill in class or at home. I love being able to take on more responsibilities in my job as it challenges me everyday to try new things and learn something new.

I love the staff I work with as it is another family to me. I can trust the staff and they have a strong positive mindset on the work they do for other individuals. I love that Northern Pines encourages us to take our own self-care as that helps me take care of my clients in a positive healthy way. Northern Pines has been able to make my dream come true to work in the population I love most.


Likes or hobbies:                                

I love to travel, read, scrapbook, and be with my husband and hyperactive puppy who I love to spoil.




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