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Crisis Services
Natural Disaster

Mobile Crisis Outreach (MCO)


The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team Crisis Services:

Around-the-Clock, 365-days-a year.

For children, adults and families.

If you are having a mental health crisis
Call the National Suicide Prevention Line at:


otherwise you can call the Crisis Line at:

(218) 828-HELP (4357) or 1-800-462-5525


Mental health mobile crisis response teams are composed of mental health professionals and practitioners who can effectively and appropriately intervene in a mental health crisis.
These professionals can meet a person at home, school, work or wherever a crisis occurs.

MN Crisis Text Line
Crisis Assessment

Crisis Assessment

A face-to-face mental health evaluation of any immediate need for emergency services

Crisis Intervention

An intensive service initiated during a mental health crisis to assist the person to utilize available resources and begin to stabilize the crisis.

Crisis Stabilization

Services designed to restore the person to a stable level of mental health functioning.

Additional Crisis Services

Crisis Intervention
Crisis Stabiization
Additional Crisis Services

Rapid Access Psychiatry

Arrangement for psychiatric appointment within 72 hours


Referral to appropriate professional programs and services, such as ARMHS, ACT, ICTS, TCM, CTSS

Next Day Outpatient Appointment

A “next-day” appointment in one of the
Northern Pines Mental Health Center offices

County Social Services

Financial support, mental health case management

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