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Christiann Scofield

Program Supervisor


Safe Harbor

Office or Location: Safe Harbor IRTS/RCS

Hire Year: 2016

Safe Harbor IRTS/RCS serves those who are 18+


My favorite part about working at Safe Harbor IRTS/RCS is seeing the great work we do here, assisting individuals in getting connected or reconnected with community support providers to ensure they are successful upon discharge. I get to work with some of the greatest people, with the drive to help people each day.


At Northern Pines I like having a place where I believe I am meant to be, helping people, and building working relationships with colleagues. Working here allows me the flexibility to take time away, to support a healthy work/life balance.


Likes or hobbies: I enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts and physical activity; it is what I do to fill my cup – any chance to ride my bike, take walks, or go to the gym. I like spending time with my family and friends, playing board games, and taking any chance to be in the sun.




Christiann Scofield
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