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Blue Skies



12 Rooms - each having full size bed & 2 sets of twin bunk beds with private bathroom.



Available with separate bathroom/shower allowing a more rustic experience for another 28 people

TIPI & YURT - In Development


Book 20 or more people and you get full use of the entire island!


Option 1 - Red Cedar Lodge

$70 per night - shared room

$150 per night - single room

$50 per stay per person for linens

There is no charge for you to bring your own bedding linens.

Option 2 - The Bunkhouse

$50 per person per night

Extra rooms or space is available as needed, call for your specific needs.

Option 3 - The Dining Hall

$500 full day 

$250 half day

This is a space for large groups to hold seminars, training sessions, or breakout groups of any kind as needed in addition to your stay.

Option 1

Red Cedar Lodge
Main Lodge1.jpg

Red Cedar Lodge

Center section has entry foyer, conference room and kitchen.

To each side are breakout rooms with couches and comfortable chairs along with a nice stone fireplace for smaller secluded conversations in a very pleasant setting.

Bedrooms are lining the hallway from conference room to Breakout room with each private bedroom having a twin bed and two bunk beds
as well as a private two sink bathroom.

Main Lodge Entry1.jpg

Entry and Welcome Foyer

Red Cedar Bunk beds.jpg

Bedrooms also include bunks

Main Lodge Inside1.jpg

Living Rooms with Fireplace at each end

Red Cedar Vanity.jpg

Private bathrooms in each room

Red Cedar Room 1.jpg

Bedrooms have full size bed

Red Cedar Room  w vanity.jpg

Full size bed, bunks private bathroom

Option 2

The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse is our more relaxed camp style sleeping cabin.

These are great for groups that have planned group events over a
multi-day stay.

Bunkhouse Rooms 3.jpg

Bunkhouse hallway and rooms

Bunkhouse Rooms 2.jpg

Bunkhouse room


Winter approach from landing

Bunkhouse Rooms 1.jpg

Bunkhouse room

Events Speaker outdoor Stone levels.jpg

Group Events

Events Girls Painting.jpg

Group Events

Option 3

The Dining Hall
Dining Hall Sunset Fall.jpg

The Dining Hall

Not for sleeping but rather as an option to your stay with us.

The Dining Hall is an option for you to have meals prepared for you or to just eat what you may have brought yourself. There is a large space to hold your training or other breakout events in this building.

Dining Room Main Entry Fireplace.jpg

Dining Hall Fireplace Area

Dining Hall4.jpg

Dining Hall Conference Space

Events Dancing Dining Hall.jpg

Dining Hall Breakout Space

Lunch area Conference.jpg

Dining Hall Training Space

Dining Hall2.jpg

Dining Hall Conference Space

Dining Hall Ring Dinner Bell.jpg

Dining Hall Dinner Bell

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