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Bay Lake Island
Retreat Center

where wellness takes center stage.
Our focus is clear:
To nurture a healthy heart and mind
through tailored practices and information
designed to empower you to live a well balanced life
with every choice you make. 

Our goal is simple:
To keep stress at bay and cultivate a sense of
peace, comfort, and mental clarity.

Whether you're seeking solitude for introspection or engaging in meaningful conversations, Bay Lake offers a sanctuary where memorable moments are crafted. Picture the warmth of a crackling campfire, the tranquility of slipping into bed after a long day, or the bliss of swaying gently in a hammock – our retreat is designed to elevate your happiness and enhance your overall well-being.

Welcome to a place where every moment
is dedicated to the happiness of you.

Upcoming Events

Camp Reunion Weekend  |  July 26-28, 2024
Embrace the Past - Ignite the Future 

Old Camp Photo 4.jpg

This will be a weekend filled with laughing,  shared stories and 
joy of reliving your camp days.

Joel Keller in Hammock Island.jpg

Come for the pizza, music and camaraderie on Saturday the 27th from 4-10 pm.

Or better yet, stay overnight and relax while catching up!

Click here for overnight booking info.


We're Thinking Big!

What goes on here>

Conferences | Seminars | Staff Training and Development | Multi-Day Retreats

Nature Walks on/off Walkways | Team Building Events | Campfires | Great Talking Spots |

Kayaking / Canoeing | Native American Ceremonies | Yoga/Wellness events | Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing | Outdoor Woodfire Pizza Oven | 

Cooking Events in our Full Commercial Kitchen | Kids arts and Crafts | Many Kids Games | Sunset Cruises |  Self-Discovery | Practice At Getting Back To Happy!

Booking for your event?
Questions about what kind of events we can host?
Contact Deb Watson in the way you prefer:
(320) 639-1433

ACA Accredited 
The ACA is the only national accrediting body for camps of all types. 
The Accreditation standards focus on health, safety, and risk management,
and are used as benchmarks by government entities.
It helps show our commitment to the well-being of those coming to our island.  

People leave refreshed, rejuvenated and full of great new experiences.
Come out for a tour and see for yourself.
We want you to love it here!



16257 Brighton Point Road

Deerwood, MN 56444

(320) 639-1433 (Click to call us) (Click to email us)

Meet our Chef

Estelle Cole CU_edited.jpg

Estelle Cole


Born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised on Cape Cod, I was surrounded with beauty, beaches, and incredible food. As an adult, I was able to harness this beauty and creativity into my life’s passion- cooking! My life has been steeped in adventure. I spent many years traveling the world with a professional world class choir. I spent time learning and cooking in Tuscany as well as studying pastry arts at the International Culinary Institute in New York City. My core values are hospitality, dedication, and commitment. Without these, I could never have the joy and fulfillment that I now have. Currently, along with my wonderful work at Bay Lake, I hold a seasonal Fall/Winter job as Chef and Innkeeper at a 5-star luxury Country Inn in Galena, Illinois. Our team looks forward to welcoming you to ‘taste’ a bit of Bay Lake and join us in our 2024 season. You will not be disappointed!

Meet our Island Director

Deb Watson Pizza oven.jpg

Deb Watson


Deb handles it all here on the Island! Any questions for bookings go to her.

She and her pup Page are residents and caretakers of all that goes on.

Both are the personality you feel good about while on site. 

She wants your experience to be as good and memorable as possible - even potentially life changing to any degree. We are after all in the healthy mindspace business being a part of Northern Pines Mental Health Center.

Call or email Deb about anything Bay Lake Retreat Center related.

Contact me for booking or information:

(320) 639-1433

Photos from the Island

Bay Lake Island Drone Sunset.jpg

Bay Lake Retreat Center birds eye view

Food Burgers Grilling.jpg

Campstyle lunch

Fire Pit chairs.jpg

Fire Pit

Medical Building.jpg

Medical Building

Outdoors Hammock swing .jpg

Relaxing hammock and swing

Outdoors Hiking Trail Winter.jpg

Hiking trail in Winter

Sunset Island Tip Wide.jpg

Sunset at Bay Lake Retreat Center

Boat ferry Women.jpg

Ferry to the island

Events Girls Campfire talk.jpg

Group events

Food Pizza in oven.jpg

Pizza in outdoor woodfired oven

Yurt Area2.jpg

Beautiful fall colors

Events Kayaking 2.jpg


Baseball Field3.jpg

Baseball field

Outdoors Gazebo Inside.jpg


Outdoors Jungle Gym.jpg

Kids slide and jungle gym

Hiking Trail Summer.jpg

Hiking trail in Summer

Events Girls Campfire.jpg

Girls event around campfire

Events Yoga Red Cedar Lodge Conference room.jpg

Yoga sessions

People Staff 1.jpg

Time for friendships

Click - Honoring this Indigenous Land

Donations are appreciated

Help make the Island someting truly special!

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