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Samantha Stanek

Psychiatric Care Coordinator




Brainerd Clinic

I have been with Northern Pines since 2020 and in the practitioner roll since October 2022. I work with middle school kids ages 10-14.

What I love about being a practitioner: I love seeing how resilient kids are and having the opportunity to provide support for them and watch them grow.

What I love about Northern Pines: I have never been with an agency that has been so flexible. They have never denied PTO and promote self care. Northern Pines also offers opportunity and growth. When I started with Northern Pines, I started as a Psychiatry Coordinator and have now been able to move into a Mental Health Practitioner roll. I have had the opportunity to work with different teams and with amazing people, it has helped me learn more about the agency and all of our different departments as well.

In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends and family. You can also find me hiking with my dog, cooking and/or baking, and reading.




Samantha Stanek
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