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Nicole Zierden

Mental Health Practitioner

Nicole Zierden


Royalton Schools


Royalton Elementary

Nicole Zierden

Mental Health Practitioner and Behavior Interventionist in the Children and Families Program, working at Royalton Elementary School. I am a Licensed Social Worker and I’ve been with Northern Pines since 2022. The kids I work with range in age from 6 to 11 years old.


I love working with children and helping them through tough times. I value not only handling the behavior, but also finding the “why” behind the behavior and helping prevent future occurrences. I love the sense of community in a small school, so working as a team with teachers and staff to support the students really fills my cup.


Northern Pines has given the opportunity to grow my skills and learn from my peers. I am also motivated to be creative and stay flexible in my everyday work life.


In my free time I love watching football, snuggling with my cat, doing puzzles, and spending time at home with my family.




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