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Lexy Van Alst


Lexy Van Alst


Pillager, Staples, Motley Schools


Pillager, Staples, Motley Schools

Office or Location: Pillager/Staples/Motley Schools

Hire Year: 2021


Trained in: ABA


I have worked with ages 2-104, but currently, work with ages 6-18.

What I like about being a practitioner is being able to conduct individualized sessions to fit the needs of each client I see.


At Northern Pines the flexibility is my favorite part. I have needed time off due to appointments, and instead of always having to use PTO, I can flex my hours. Or if I want to take PTO, I have never been denied PTO. My second favorite part about NP is my team. I believe I have a strong team that is very supportive and always there to hold down the fort.


Outside of NP, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Lots of summer activities that consist of going for walks, camping, spending days at the lake, and going on wild adventures with my siblings.




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