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Kaitlin Spar

Mental Health Practitioner

Kaitlin Spar


Staples Schools


Staples Elementary

My name is Kaitlin Spar, and I am a Mental Health Practitioner.

I have been with Northern Pines since January 2022, and I work for CTSS in the schools.

Along with being a Mental Health Practitioner, I am also a licensed Social Worker for the state of Minnesota.

I have worked with kids ages 5-18 but now I mostly work with elementary school aged kids. (5-10 years old)

My favorite part of my job as a mental health practitioner is when a client is ready to graduate from skills with me. It’s my favorite part because it shows me that that kiddo learned what they needed to, has all the correct tools in their “tool box” and I was able to support them during a difficult time when maybe they didn’t quite understand what was going on and why. When a kiddo is ready to graduate, it’s a proud moment for them, and for me.

What I like about Northern Pines is the never-ending support you get, not only from your team, but from the management and supervisors. It is amazing to work with an organization that not only helps other people’s mental health, but is very supportive of your own. I also love the flexible hours, which really helps out everyone in the organization especially if you have a family and kids, or just need a day to yourself to work on self-care.

In my free time, I enjoy painting, binge-watching Netflix, reading a book with a cozy blanket, cooking, and being with friends and family!




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