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Northern Pines MNsure Partnership

Northern Pines Mental Health Center has contracted with MNsure to be an Assister. What this means to you ––– if you do not have insurance we are able to assist you with the online navigation to sign up for insurance under the new law.

Feel free to call one of our locations to request assistance with MNSure enrollment.

Now more individuals and families in Minnesota can get low cost or free health insurance, even if they already have a health or mental health condition. MNsure offers multiple health plans from insurance companies all in one easy to shop location. Consumers will be able to compare plans side by side to see how price coverage and features differ. MNsure is also the only place Minnesotans can go and see if they qualify for federal tax credits to help pay health insurance premiums. Here are a few important things to remember: 

•All plans under MNsure must provide mental health and substance use disorder treatment, and must follow mental health parity laws. 
•There are no exclusions or waiting periods for individuals with pre-existing health conditions. 
•Medicaid (Medical Assistance) is expanding so that single adults can qualify based on income alone. 
•MinnesotaCare will no longer have waiting periods, limits on hospital coverage or a co-pay for hospital care. 
•We cannot offer advice on what insurance you should purchase. For assistance you must make an appointment at one of the office listed below.
•You must come to your appointment with all of the information you will need to answer the questions on the on-line application such as salary and family information.

  • Recent pay statement/check stub

  • If self-employed or have farm income, bring last year’s tax return

  • Social Security income information -  May also need spouse’s information

  • Dependent information including if they are claimed as a dependent or have dependents to claim.

  • Social Security Number

MNsure Special Enrollment Eligibility
You or your family may be open for a special enrollment period (SEP). A SEP is a period time of time during which an individual can enroll in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) or change enrollment in a QHP if you have a qualifying life event. Generally, the SEP begins on the date the qualifying event took place and ends 60 days later.

Life events that may qualify an individual for a special enrollment period include:
• Marriage;
• Adoption, foster care or birth of a child;
• Gain of citizenship, national or lawfully present status;
• Permanent address change which provides new Qualified Health Plan choices; or
• Enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe.


Additionally individuals who do not have health insurance may still be eligible to enroll in a MNsure QHP if they are:
• Eligible for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare (enrollment continues year round);
• Experience a qualifying life event (see above);
• Enrolled members of federally recognized tribes; or
• Small employers purchasing coverage through MNsure.

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