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Deb Watson

Bay Lake Retreat Center Director


Bay Lake Retreat Center


Bay Lake Island Retreat Center

Office or Location:  Bay Lake Retreat

Hire Year: 2018

Works with clients ages:  I work with all ages, as I very much enjoy the variety of diversity of all our guests, families, our employees that visit the island. 


I am so very fortunate that I am in a role that combines my 20 year + experience in the mental health field with my own personal long-standing appreciation of the outdoors.  The setting of the 60-acre Bay Lake Retreat Center on its own provides an excellent therapeutic venue, but adding on our Northern Pines programming, ideas and creativity from my colleagues, it is personally rewarding seeing first-hand what “our island” has the potential to impact in the lives of our guests.

What I like about being at Northern Pines:  I appreciate the collaborative way our teams are set up as I work with some pretty amazing people, and it is so nice to regularly feel that support. I enjoy meeting all new staff and connecting with current employees as the company Benefit Specialist.  As a mental health agency, I am thankful for leaders that understand and help promote self-care for us as employees and the balance of work/life.  Managing stress and staying healthy has definitely been a key component in my personal life which I feel grateful I always typically maintain my optimistic approach to life.

Likes or hobbies:  In my free time, I have several hobbies that keep me busy and I enjoy, such as snorkeling (a personal goal to complete all shorelines of Bay Lake), boating, swimming, golfing, skiing, hanging out by a campfire, playing cards and socializing with friends/family/neighbors, hanging out with my dog Page Watson, and especially PICKLEBALL!




Deb Watson
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