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Drop-In Centers

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Drop-In Centers
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Feeling alone?

If you could use some friends around to hang out or share your experiences and feelings with, 

come to one of our Drop-In Centers.


- find new friendships

- have an unhurried cup of coffee

- unwind for a bit - your way

- do things you don't usually take the time for

- it's like a lunch break for your mind

- people need people

The drop-in centers provide opportunities to develop friendships, join in activities with others,
connect with services, and learn symptom management techniques along with independent living skills.

The Drop-In Centers will provide a safe and fun environment for all adults.

Use our services or just drop in and hang out.


Various events are planned on a monthly basis. 

 Bingo tournaments |  Pizza days | Movies and popcorn | Participant planned activities

Picnics | Crafts | Chair volleyball | Daily socialization opportunities | Cards

 Horseshoes | Peer support | Cooking | Exercise | Groups | Karaoke

Brainerd Drop-In Center

Brainerd Drop-in Center - Our Place

Brainerd Our Place Front_1893.jpg

323 South 9th Street

Brainerd, MN


Open Monday-Friday,  8:00am to 4pm

Staples Drop-in Center

Todd County - Staples Drop-in Center

Staples Front Right_1846.jpg

Located in the Staples Northern Pines office

200 4th Street NE

Staples, MN

Open Monday - Thursday,  11am to 3pm

Quotes from Consumers

“I enjoy attending drop-in events. They have helped me to meet new people and make new friends.”


“There’s always something to do at the drop-in center. I enjoy the different areas for reading, using the computer, doing crafts, and watching TV.”


"I like the activities that we have here at the drop-in center. I also enjoy the people who come here that I am able to meet and talk to.”

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