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Jodi Marquez-Bierschbach

Case Manager


Children's Case Management


Long Prairie Clinic

Credentials: Mental Health Practitioner with a BA, LSW from St. Cloud State University

Office or Location: Long Prairie

Hire Year: 2017


Trained in: Rule 79 MN DHS and various others


Works with client’s ages: 0 – 17 years old

In my career I am privileged by serving new clients, meeting them where they are at, utilizing strength-based perspective (and sometimes humor, when possible) to build rapport, assessing family dynamics, implementing needed services, and facilitating beneficial resources.  I truly enjoy advocating with community partners and being the voice to call out social injustice when it appears. My most privileged, ultimate favorite portion of my career is when I am able to monitor successful progress and therefore closing their file is appropriate.



At Northern Pines I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues to problem solve barriers; implement viable solutions, and interventions. I enjoy a flexible schedule, generous amounts of PTO, and being a part of a team that truly cares for people.   



Likes or hobbies: My favorite hobbies are learning new things, traveling, swimming, eating new foods, shopping (when my husband is paying), and being with my family and friends.




Jodi Marquez-Bierschbach
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